How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Donald?

I have been interested in politics for most of my life, and graduated with a degree in it back when I lived in the UK.

The American political system – and some of the… interesting… characters that inhabit it – can be quite illuminating at times.

A case in point is Donald Trump. I’ll get the tl;dr out of the way first: I don’t like him. I don’t like the greed and opulence that seems to surround him and people of his ilk. I actually find the accumulation of such vast amounts of personal wealth to be personally abhorrent, but that is often misinterpreted as people like me hate businesses and capitalism, which is something that could not be further from the truth.

I’d certainly characterise myself as someone who sits left-of-centre on the political spectrum, but, again, that doesn’t mean I love the Democratic party and hate Republicans, either. The skinny here is that Donald Trump is a clown sitting at the big boys’ table. I find both his rhetoric and his personality to be abrasive to the point of ugliness; I find his “plain-speaking” (that people apparently “love”) to simply be a synonym for being able to preach his sexist and racist nonsense without being able to be called out on it as easily (in the UK we would call such people “forthright” and “eccentric” – same difference); every day he remains in the Republican primary is a boon to the Democrats. He confuses “plain-speaking” with “saying stupid things”, and thinks he is doing the former when in reality he is actually doing the latter.

Donald Trump is unelectable as President of the United States. Let’s be plain: he’s unelectable as my local dog catcher, too. Every day that he keeps campaigning and associating his bullshit with the GoP brand is like another Christmas for Democrats. I really do not understand how a man so clever (at least on paper) can be so stupid. He genuinely believes that he is “sticking it to the system” by continuing to spread his ridiculous opinions in the face of a party that would very much prefer he didn’t do that. This may be good for Donald Trump but it certainly isn’t good for Republicans, and they sully themselves by maintaining an association with someone as toxic as him.

At least with the fallout from Thursday’s first Republican debate his misogyny is rearing its head a little more. I have no love for Megyn Kelly either, but that dislike does not extend to insulting her personally or implying that her menstrual cycle is the source of her issues. Donald Trump is not going to be President, nor is he going to be the Republican nominee for President. He will flame-out, hopefully in a spectacular fashion, sometime in the next few weeks or months. On the one hand it’s unadulterated entertainment, on the other you wonder how can people take American politics seriously with someone like this neck-deep in the middle of it.

I can’t vote since I’m not a US citizen, but if I could it would certainly not be for Donald Trump. He is a relic from a bygone age, and people who like him and actually profess to wanting to vote for him should seriously reexamine both their lives and his background – I don’t think they would like what they found in either case.


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